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Lotus Flower

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Alyssa Enjoys Business & Adventure. She has been to Israel, Portugal, Spain, & several other Countries. Alyssa is the host of the Beauty by Mud blog. If Health/Beauty and Business are Key to your Success then this blog has something for you.

*Alyssa is an Affiliate with Groove.cm, an Independent Wellness Partner with Amare Global and an Ambassador of AvivSPA DSP because she uses, loves, and believes in their products. Alyssa will make a commission on sales (at no extra cost to you) that take place from the links mentioned above. Thank you for your support.*

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Groove.cm - An All in 1 Platform for your Ecommerce Business Needs.
"Age Beautifully" with AvivSPA Dead Sea Products.
Beauty by Mud - Blog
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Pashion Footwear - Convertible Boots & Heels to flats.

Why The Links?

The above links include services and products that Alyssa uses and loves. Several are a big part of her life. She loves to share about the benefits of each offer with her friends. Feel free to send a chat if you have any questions. 

Lotus Flower

Alyssa is known by her family as a creative, caring, and silly talent who has an entrepreneurial spirit & desires to always be learning. She enjoys listening to podcasts and growing in knowledge about health, relationships, & business. 

*The links on this bottom half of the page and on your right are not associated with any affiliate program. Though like the products or services above these below are also simply products or services that Alyssa has used, loves, and highly recommends. ...Thank you for supporting our Friends!*

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Choose 2 Think Podcast
Serenity Sensitive Designs - Jewelry for Women
Christian Singles Desiring Marriage - Relationship Coaching & Support Group for Women
Free 10 Day Weight Loss God's Way Challenge


The links above are from our good friends from all over the Country. They have much to offer and a surprise may await you on the other side. Thank you for showing your support.

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